Asking a Black Friend About White Privilege

This article, with responses by author Hutcherson, remind me of how much we can be in denial of our biases and maybe that we need to be aware of the biases that exist, even if we aren’t intentionally acting on them. The tone of the question posed by Hutcherson’s FB friend leads me to believe he felt he had conquered bias. Her response that took his post and explained how the absence of having been through her experience was what he needed to understand as white privilege was the message to me. We who have white privilege need to understand those battles we don’t have to fight does not mean they are not being fought.

We all have gifts and talents we sometimes take for granted. Maybe you are a gifted athlete, or a math comes easy to you, whatever it is, do you realize how much others have to battle just to get by without those gifts? What if the gift was the color of your skin. You never have to think about it, but it opens doors simply by being what it is. Our actions cannot stop the battles for those without those gifts, but we can make sure we don’t start anymore, and we can try and empathize with those very real battle they are fighting.

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