Changing the world through civil disobedience

Through this class I have struggled with the idea that civil disobedience is still relevant. Even as I read This is an Uprising, I compare it to the U.S. now and have a difficult time seeing where change happens as a result. The messages are powerful and relevant. I go back to Black Lives Matter and think what has really changed since that movement started. Is it really any different? Only in May, the last trial of a police officer for killing an unarmed black man in Oklahoma,ended in a not guilty finding. Of the last 15 publicized cases, only 2 have ended in conviction.

Link to NY Times article with conviction details

Changing the subject, many protests have come up since the election.  The fact that people are protesting a new president is not new, but the number of issues and how quickly protests have started is different.  All of that aside, I don’t believe it has or will make a change. As much opposition as there has been to the rules banning people from Muslim countries, it is now in effect anyway. As far as I know our government is still pursuing the same issues regardless of public opinion or protest. Unfortunately popular opinion and the needs of the people do not direct our government’s actions.

I don’t want to imply people should just be quiet and go home when they disagree. What I do question is the effectiveness of current protesting.  Is there a new way, or does it simply take years and the efforts now are directed at a payoff in 4 years?

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  1. First, I am not wanting a political debate – but there have been numerous studies about Trump’s personality and relating it to narcissism. Narcissistic personalities are very selfish and do not willingly relinquish power to others, they in fact seek power and thrive. I think it is possible to reduce Trump’s impact, but we have to stand firm and get our leadership/ Congress to do the same. Sitting back and allowing views which appose leadership, being suppressed, is exactly what a narc wants.

    Civil uprising, through our congressmen, is exactly what we need to maintain balance and order. Unfortunately, people think there are too many predetermined decisions in government and do not realize their powers, especially when partnered with educated others who can peacefully challenge others.

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